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Revenue-based capital for emerging businesses

Preis Capital provides financial support to entrepreneurs in SW Pennsylvania who might be overlooked by traditional investment vehicles. Our revenue-based strategy helps emerging companies hit their next milestones, while still maintaining optionality and control.

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Investment for Profitable Growth

Emerging businesses—between $1–10M in annual revenue—often hit a ceiling to how much they can organically grow. Many of those businesses fall outside of traditional Venture Capital models, and very few have viable alternative financing options to break through that ceiling.

Preis Capital’s revenue based investment strategy allows the entrepreneur to do what’s best for their business and not contort to fit a business plan that might appeal to equity investors.

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Investment with Financial Flexiblity

For any emerging company, optionality is vital. Whether growing a team, purchasing equipment, or taking advantage of new market opportunities, these companies need flexibility to build sustainable revenue streams.

With revenue-based capital, entrepreneurs can get the financial support to continue that growth, maintain ownership and still retain the ability to go after high growth equity funding if circumstances change.

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Investment in the Regional Economy

Businesses that focus on sustainable growth tend to enjoy long-term viability. This leads to more stable employment opportunities and ultimately, an enhanced regional economic stability.

These types of companies have always existed, and have been the mortar that holds many communities together. Where many traditional financing avenues have dried up, Preis Capital seeks to support these businesses and help grow the regional economy, while creating stable returns for our stakeholders.

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