Providing flexible financial support to emerging business owners helps to strengthen the foundation of the regional economy. It also creates an opportunity to engage important stakeholders – Mid-Market Private Business Owners & Family Wealth – in ways that align with their needs.

By leveraging strong cash flowing mid-market companies, Preis Capital allows income seeking wealth to participate in support of the emerging businesses in the region while keeping timing and risk expectations aligned.

The name Preis Capital is in honor of an amazing woman Ellen Müller-Preis. “Omi” truly personified independence, perseverance and a relentless drive for excellence, characteristics that serve every entrepreneur well.

About Stephan Mueller

Preis Capital Founder Stephan MuellerStephan has spent the last 25 years in the technology startup ecosystem primarily in senior leadership roles on both the investor side and the operational side of the table. This has helped him develop a deep understanding of how technology can be applied to solve social and commercial challenges. More importantly, he’s learned firsthand how to take innovative ideas and turn them into real businesses.

Having worked on both sides of the table, Stephan is able to help entrepreneurs with their high-level strategy while also cutting all the way through to the most mundane operational task.